Geriatric (Older Adult) Massage

Geriatric Massage : Geriatric massage not only soothes the body, but also the mind, providing a gentle touch that honors the wisdom and experience of our elders.

We provide comfortable and affordable massage for seniors in their places such as their private homes, retirement homes, long term cares or senior buildings and communities.

We have presented relaxing massage services for our older adult clients in different senior facilities such as retirement homes, nursing homes and in clients’ private homes.The great feedback that we have received from our clients have motivated us to expand our massage services for more older adult facilities.

Studies show that performing even short, hand massage sessions on older adults boosts the release of the happy hormones (serotonin, oxytocin, endorphin and dopamine) in their bodies. 

But why are they called happy hormones? Because they make people more energetic and happier and give them an overall better sense of well-being.

In addition, hand massage is a very effective strategy to alleviate agitation (Sundown phenomenon) in Dementia (Alzheimer) cases.  Learn More

You can find the feedback of some of our clients here:
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Benefits of our services:​

  1. Our massage practitioners are well-trained in performing comfortable relaxation  massage services for respectful older adults
  2.  All our massage practitioners have received their liability insurance.
  3. You don’t need to leave your place, our massage practitioners come to you
  4. The rates are affordable
  5. Maximum duration of our massage session is between 30-45 minutes
  6. Both female and male massage practitioners are available to you

If you have concerns about removing your clothes for any reason? Don’t Worry

You can receive a great relaxing massage over the clothes and for your hands, feet, head and neck.

If you have concerns about your position, for example you are unable to lie down on your table? Don’t Worry

 You can receive your massage while sitting on your sofa, chair, walker or wheelchair.

If you have concerns about taking too much pressure during a massage session? Don’t Worry

You will receive your massage with a comfortable gentle pressure.


As relaxation massage services are recommended to be received regularly as part of your lifestyle, you can enroll in our membership plan (3,6 months) or buy a package (including 6 sessions) to get a great discount.

How our relaxation massage sessions work:

After booking an appointment you need to fill out a health history and sign it. Then, you have two options:

keep the filled out form until your first massage session, then our massage practitioner will pick up the form.

Return us the form through our email address before your first massage session

If you have any serious medical issues you need to get written permission from your doctor before receiving your massage and give this form to us via either of the above  options.

You can find Health history Form here :

You can find Physician Permission Form here:

For booking an appointment or receiving more information about the rates and other inquiry please send us an email ( or call us :647-700-7751