Frequently Ask Question​

Yes, according to our refund policy, up to 14 days after purchasing our course, you can send a request by email to ask for your money back. The total except for the administration fee ($ 50) will be returned. But after 14 days of your purchase, you will not receive any refund.

Yes. You can take our Chair and Geriatric Massage Bundle Course with a great discount .

Yes, our Chair Massage course has been designed in a way that all people without any background are able to take it.

No. Our Geriatric Massage course is a complementary course after our Chair massage Course to enable you to perform Massage for Seniors. So, first you need to take our Chair Massage course.

Yes, You will receive two certificates, Chair Massage and Geriatric Massage.

Upon completion of the course, you need to record  video of performing Massage on  volunteers ( friends,relatives,family members, etc.), then send them to us.Your performance will be evaluated by your instructor. You need to get at least 70% to pass the exam.

Then, you will need to record one more short videos of performing massage on volunteer and Send to us. You will be asked to record short videos until you get the pass score (70%)

You can send your question through our message section on the course page or you can send us an email. Our team will reach to you as soon as possible.

Every country or state,has its own rules. So it is recommended to check.

It depends on the rule of massage practice in your country. For example, In Canada, You need to pass at least 2200 hours plus a board exam to be entitled to use Massage Therapist .

Yes, you need to achieve minimum 70% of total score to pass the exam. But no worries, there is unlimited attempts to take this exam until you pass it.

Again, it depends on the rule of your country, but it is highly recommended to receive it ,because first of all you will protect your practice from any injury or complain of your clients ,secondly, nearly all companies who hire you,will ask about your liability insurance.