With the Covid era now gone, the universe has given us a new lease on life! By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and an improved quality of life, there is nothing that can bring you down. We often underestimate the importance of incorporating the right lifestyle into our routines. However, with time, the realization certainly doesn’t hit soft!

Dan Buettner, who is the New York Times best-selling author and a world-renowned speaker on many platforms such as National Geographic, went on an expedition to hunt down the major secrets to longevity and a healthy life. A healthy diet and adequate sleep are widely acknowledged to fuel our energy, but is that all it takes to live a long, happy life?

A group of notorious researchers, hired by Dan Buettner, began an investigation across the globe, where people live the longest, namely, the “Blue Zones”. They discovered that most centenarians reach the age of 100 at 10 times greater than the average, and no, it has very little to do with genetics. This astonishing finding eventually leads them to identify the major characteristics that might help others unleash the secrets to longevity.

Nearly all Blue zone residents were found to share the following, specific traits.

Ample Physical Activity

The people of the Blue Zones don’t run marathons every year, nor were they found to hit the gym every now and then. Instead, the environments they live in forced them to move parts of their body as a daily routine. The luxury of having a digitized life, where convenience is prioritized, robs one of tending to the mechanical aspects of housework. A simple lifestyle that is nourished with ample physical activity aids to many aspects of living longer.

Having a Sense of Purpose

A strong sense of purpose, where motivation is not a constant battle, can truly alter one’s outlook on life. It reduces mental stress all the while improving good sleep. Defining your goals and holding a sense of purpose can help you look forward to making positive changes in a certain direction.

Stress Management

Stress can be the root of several problems. And it is not something that one can easily rid themselves of. Chronic inflammation where age is the catalyst can impact the quality of life significantly. Many centenarians were found to be fond of napping and enough socializing to enhance a longer health span.

The 80% rule

The 80% rule is to stop oneself from eating excessively. After every meal when the stomach is 80% full, it is a reminder that one should stop eating to maintain an optimal and healthy weight.

Spending Time in The Green

The centenarians of the tribes were also fond of planting, gardening, and harvesting their own crops. Grain is the ultimate cornerstone of their wellness and healthy diet. Many researchers have found that plant-based meals can often replace the nutrients one requires from meat. They are also found to consume meat in moderation, which is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Family First

The centenarians were found to have adequate restorative sleep, healthy meals, and physical activity in their daily routines. However, what many of us attribute to their genes, they are reportedly said to have happy longer lives with the simple act of devoting their lives to their families. Keeping family close to you and investing time and love with the ones close to you not only lower the mortality rate but lowers the risk of many diseases.

By enacting a lifestyle based on these findings, anyone can drive their best self towards a long and healthy life ahead of them!